Sunday School Classes

The Sunday School program at First United Methodist Church is designed to meet the needs of not only our youngest preparatory members, but also our most senior members and, of course, all ages and interests in between. Below you will find a listing of the current Sunday School classes and a brief description of their course of study, size and average ages. We hope and trust you will find one or more classes that meet the needs for your Bible study. If not, we would be pleased to talk with you about beginning a new class and in making space available.

Children's Department

Nursery (Infants-18 months)
Rm 105

Toddlers (Approx. 19 months - 2 years old)
Rm 107

Three Year Olds
Rm 109

K4 and K5 Grades
Rm 108

1st and 2nd Grades
Rm 216

3rd and 4th Grades
Rm 220

5th and 6th Grades
CLC 201

Youth (Grades 7 -12)
Rm 206

Adult Classes

College Class
Rm 209
(Old Secretary's Office next to sanctuary)
This class meets each Sunday for those college students who are home for the weekend as well as a those college-aged young adults, regardless of whether they are actively enrolled in college.

Young Adult Class
CLC 202
Approximate age range: 25-40
This gathering of young adults, single and married, is a round table discussion of different Christian curriculum chosen by the class members and their teacher.

New Horizon
Rm 215
Prayer Room

Approximate age range: 20-40
This is a class for young women that uses studies such as Jon Hatmaker's "Guide to Bible Study" and "She Reads the Truth" studies.

YANSY (Young And Not So Young) Class
CLC 205
Approximate age range: 28-45
The gathering of young adults, many with small children, is a round table discussion of different Christian curriculum chosen by the class members and their teacher. This is one of the fastest growing classes at FUMC.

CLC 203
Approximate age range: 40-60
This class uses the International Bible Study Series and enjoys fun, fellowship and inspiration.

Ladies Bible Class
Sunshine Room
Approximate age range: 50-90
This class is a caring group that enjoys fellowship and Bible Study using the International Bible Study Series.

Discipleship Class
Rm 210
Approximate age range: 60+
This is a group of happy disciples whose faith is nourished by hope and whose lives are powered by love. The group has a weekly study of the International Bible Series.

Ed Livingston Class
Rm 209
Approximate age range: 75+
We are a caring class and take care of our members. We support the Methodist Children's Home, Palmer Home, Cornerstone Clinic, Christian Friends, The Methodist Hour and others. The group uses the International Bible Study Series.

Betty Appleby Class
CLC 204
Approximate age range: 50+
This class meets in an informal setting, beginning each week with a time of sharing. The group then moves into Bible Study using the International Bible Study Series.

Dr. J. E. Calloway Bible Study Class
Parlor (Rm 114)
Approximate age range: 55+
The class is involved in a continuous, repeating study of the Holy Bible with discussion of each verse studied. The class supports numerous worthy causes and enjoys several fellowship outings throughout the year.

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Children's After School Ministry 3-5 p.m.
Church Family Dinner 5-6 p.m.
Adult Bible Study from 6-7 p.m.
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Adult Choir Practice from 7-8 p.m.